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Digitalize and optimize your chemical production in three simple steps.

Learn how with our free whitepaper.


Read more about:

  • The chemical industry landscape
    Understand the priorities producers share, whatever their level of digital maturity
  • Doing more with your plant data
    See how digital analytics technologies can enable fast, effective, data-driven decisions 
  • Three steps to digital optimization
    See and share key data better, maximize uptime in your plant, and optimize your chemical process around the clock

Find your starting point.

How far along the digitalization journey is your chemical plant and what steps do you need to take next? Do you know how your digital maturity compares to that of other producers? Or how digital technologies can help address the priorities you share? 

In a recent survey Navigance conducted of the chemical industry, all of the nearly 40 experts we spoke to said their key priorities, in order, were operational safety, plant availability and process efficiency.

Most saw the benefit of digitalizing aspects of their operation, and over three quarters recognized the potential of artificial intelligence to realize efficiency gains. But the  extent to which they were already implementing such technologies varied greatly.

Those in the earliest stages of digitalization lacked the time, resources, expertise or confidence to identify the right next step for their unique operation and build the business case to make it happen.

Take digitalization step by step.

Navigance believes there are three steps chemical producers with any continuous process can follow to digitalize their operation and realize their optimization goals, regardless of their level of digital maturity.

It starts with taking the data already gathered across your chemical plant and process, and visualizing it more effectively, using smart tools to hone in on what matters, share insights securely with colleagues and partners, and make more informed decisions.

From there, you can use machine learning, advanced analytics technologies, cloud-based services, and expert support to maintain your desired levels of availability, then optimize your process to get the most from it.

Let our whitepaper guide you through it.

Download the whitepaper now to learn more about: 

  • Our key survey findings on producers' priorities and digital maturity
  • The many challenges analyzing plant data manually presents  
  • How to overcome those challenges with digital technologies 
  • What to consider on each of the three steps to digitalization
  • How the right expert partner can help you:
    • Calculate your improvement potential
    • Build a compelling business case
    • Implement a tailored solution effectively, and
    • Continue to realize to make the most of it once it's up and running

We hope you find it useful.