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Most chemical producers know they’ll need to digitalize their plant operations and chemical process in the years ahead. And they recognize the key role technologies like artificial intelligence, and machine learning specifically, will play in doing so.
The challenge many face to today is how to implement these technologies effectively. How can they be tailored to suit your plant setup, operational constraints and technology mix to help you deliver on your critical goals around the clock?

Navigance can help

We’ve created a free implementation guide that sets out the Navigance approach. It sets out the standard steps we take when exploring the potential to optimize at any plant, and the lengths we’ll go to customize deployment to exactly what its team needs.

Download your copy today to read about:

  • Digital readiness checks we’ll conduct at your plant
  • The techniques we use to identify you optimization potential
  • How we build a hybrid process model 
  • The secure data feeds we’ll establish 
Whatever you need to optimize most – from process efficiency to energy consumption, production output to the cost of production – our approach can help you achieve it.
The guide includes illustrations of the optimization potential we’ve already helped producers find and realize. It highlights the many ways in which our combined cloud-based and analytics tools plus data science and process expertise can uncover hidden optimization possibilities.
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